Thursday, November 12, 2009

The NY-23 election is NOT over

So says the Syracuse News.

" 'For Doug to win, we needed a three-way race,' Ryan said, adding that the campaign’s internal polls showed Hoffman would win with all three candidates.

'Given the majority of these ballots are from a three-way race, we think the ballots are going to break Doug’s way,' Ryan said.

Ryan declined to say what percentage of the absentee vote the campaign believes Hoffman would need to win the race. Nevertheless, Hoffman’s campaign is optimistic.

'When people look back at this race, it was a remote possibility that Doug Hoffman would be a contender,' Ryan said. 'But miracles do happen.' "


"As it stands now, Bill Owens may be in Washington and voting the Pelosi Party line but when the vote is certified he may be ousted. The state Board of Elections indicated that '...all ballots will be counted, and if the result changes, Owens will have to be removed.' Concession speech or not, if the voters in the 23rd District elected Doug Hoffman and not Bill Owens, then Hoffman will be the Representative.

There are currently over 10,000 uncounted absentee ballots, many of which were in the military where a strongly conservative bias exists. Given the narrow margin of Owens' lead at this time, it's entirely possible that this race could still swing for Hoffman."

Sources indicate that the Democrats would not have had the votes to pass the Health bill if Owens had not been sworn-in and pledged his support for it. Several other Representatives have indicated that they would not have cast their votes in favor of the bill if they were not certain that it had the votes to win."

My, my, my!



  1. But Acorn is not yet finished with their part.

  2. Keep a watch on the ballots found "by accident" in the trunk of some Acorn employee's car who just happened to have forgotten to drop them off to be counted since they were on the way to "de club" to celebrate.