Tuesday, November 03, 2009

"Net Neutrality" equates to "Government Control"

When Net Neutrality came into the spotlight as a public issue, it sounded like a reasonable proposition. Who could argue with such noble principles like these stated at a website called Free Press?
"The future of the Internet as we know it depends on maintaining freedom and openness online. This crucial legislation will help to ensure that the public -- not big phone and cable companies -- controls the fate of the Internet.

The rules that govern the Internet must protect economic innovation, democratic participation and free speech online. If we don’t make Net Neutrality the law once and for all, we could see the innovation and promise of the Internet derailed forever.

An army of lobbyists has been unleashed by the phone and cable companies to kill Net Neutrality so they can become the Internet’s gatekeepers. But the momentum is shifting in the public’s favor. President Obama has repeatedly called for Net Neutrality; we have a new pro-Net Neutrality chairman now heading the Federal Communications Commission; and popular support is growing every day....."

The pertinent points turns out a little differently though when some critical thinking and a little research and perspective are brought to focus on the subject.

"Masked beneath the comfort language of the net neutrality bill are provisions that will effectively turn over management of the internet within the United States to the federal government via the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). It's a power for which the FCC hungers. Perhaps it envies China.

So there's nothing neutral about the Obama administration's push for net neutrality. 'Neutrality' is a D.C. comfort word for control. "
In the end, it all turns out to be just one more cog in the construction of a "regressive" political, economic, and social control agenda, doesn't it? And, as always, the people and our nation pay the price and give up more rights for "the greater good".

Are you really surprised to find this out?

"Free Press"! As if......



  1. Trying to make this short. In the early 1960's, Ben Haden, then a newspaperman, toured the Soviet with a group of other US newsmen. Perhaps there for a month. Wrote a book about his observations and interviews, I See Their Faces. Long out of print, but shows up regularly on eBay and at online used booksellers, ABEBOOKS, for example. It is remarkable to see the parallels in the book to the moves of the Obama administration. Our President wants to destroy us. Read the book.

  2. Obama wants to exact justice upon America as seen through the eyes of Jeremiah Wright for 20 years.