Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Health Care "reform" will bring skyrocketing premiums

But we knew that already, didn't we?

Here's more evidence the Dem/Lefty/"Progressive" health care reform jokers cheerleaders don't want you to know:
"Democrats claim that government subsidies would help families adjust to the higher cost of insurance. But those subsidies won't offset many people's hikes. For example, premiums for a two-child family with annual income of $66,150 would still go up 24 percent under the Senate's plan -- after the subsidy is taken into account. That's an extra $80 a month.

It's easy to understand how 'reform' will raise health costs -- by imposing onerous new regulations on insurance. For instance, reforms passed by the House and under consideration in the Senate would mandate that all policies cover such benefits as pediatric dental services and maternity coverage -- even if you don't want such coverage. The reform package's new minimum-benefit requirements alone would add $245 a month to the average New York family's premium.

But somehow,the "Government Healthcare Is The Answer" team never seems to want to discuss things like that, do they?

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