Friday, November 06, 2009

The Ft Hood mayhem and the rise of grassroots jihadism

Was the call to action heeded?

"Whether Maj. Malik Nadal Hasan acted out of insanity or some bizarre moral dilemma, he conducted an attack on U.S. soil of a terrorist nature. Americans need to become more vigilant since we are more vulnerable to attack from jihadists now than ever.

....Terror cells will be even harder to prevent as new grassroots jihadists do not need to communicate directly with a central authority. They now get their information from websites and take cues to from leadership messages published on them. There will be less chatter to monitor because these groups will find each other locally and keep their operations small and low-key.

My prediction on the matter is that the issue will be resolved only as 'a U.S. soldier carried out the Fort Hood attack' and let the assumptions about a violent soldier fall where they may. For this Administration and their cronies, it's a lot more convenient than fulfilling one of the only stated responsibilities of our federal government."

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