Saturday, November 07, 2009

The effective death of the Cult of Obama

Krauthammer: "The Myth of '08, demolished".

"The vaunted Obama realignment vanished. In 2009 in Virginia, the black vote was down by 20 percent, the under-30 vote by 50 percent. And as for independents, the ultimate prize of any realignment, they bolted. In both Virginia and New Jersey they’d gone narrowly for Obama in ’08. This year they went Republican by a staggering 33 points in Virginia and by an equally shocking 30 points in New Jersey.

White House apologists will say the Virginia Democrat was weak. If the difference between Bob McDonnell and Creigh Deeds was so great, how come when the same two men ran against each other statewide for attorney general four years ago the race was a virtual dead heat? Which made the ’09 McDonnell-Deeds rematch the closest you get in politics to a laboratory experiment for measuring the change in external conditions. Run them against each other again when it’s Obamaism in action and see what happens. What happened was a Republican landslide.

The Obama coattails of 2008 are gone. The expansion of the electorate, the excitement of the young, came in uniquely propitious Democratic circumstances and amid unparalleled enthusiasm for electing the first African-American president."
Ah, but certain people locally and nationally want you to believe the falsehood that Obama and his policies had absolutely nothing to do with last Tuesday's election results.

And by the way, the Moon is made of green cheese too.


  1. Were there really any coattails to begin with. A realistic assesment of 2008 is that the huge hype around Obama to elect a black president brought out a huge number of people in two categories:

    First are the ill informed people who would not have cared to come out and vote otherwise. They were just voting the way they were told.

    Second were the young and the people who just wanted to be a part of something. Eventually they will learn their mistake and maybe realize that voting can have consequences. Hopefully it will happen sooner rather than later.

  2. "Were there really any coattails to begin with."


    Obama and his campaign and his funding sources brought and bought a lot of Dems along with them, including Kay Hagan here in NC. These are people who stood little chance of being elected on their own merit.

    There are people here locally who will argue that since Hagan got more votes than Obama last November, the Obama effect couldn't possibly have caused Kay Hagan to upset Liddy Dole.

    That's an example of the stunted thinking Dems/Lefies/"Progressives" are capable of creating, and is a prime reason why there's so much denial in that group over the ramifications of last Tuesday's votes in NJ and In VA.

    We see an extension of that thinking in the passage of PelosiCare in the House. these people obviously have not learned their lessons.

    Watch for that trend to continue, to produce disastrous outcomes for them come election day next year.

  3. The Economist had an article the other day. In it the Democrats tried to defend themselves:

    The White House points out that in polls before the election, and also in exit polls, a majority of voters said their vote had nothing to do with Mr Obama’s performance.

    I really enjoyed that. Because it was exactly due to "Obama's performance" that got the current crop of Democrats into office in the first place.