Friday, October 16, 2009

Obama's Stimulus job creation scoreboard

Here's the results so far:

Promised: 2.5 million

Created: 30, 383

Additional Jobs lost on his watch: Untold millions, with more to come

Vincent Reinhart thinks that the Obama administration’s financial reform package hits the trifecta of bad policy making:
"The White House proposal misdiagnoses the problem, fails to recognize the inherent adverse dynamics of regulation, and treats the bulk of the industry unfairly.
"Our fundamental problem is not that institutions deemed too big to fail do not get sufficient scrutiny. Our problem is that some institutions are deemed too big to fail."
It's not Obama's fault. We "raaaaaaaaaaacists" are sabotaging him, obviously.


  1. Sounds like our President is right on target after a mere 9 months to "fundamentally transform America". We can give him a couple of kudos for telling the truth about his intentions. selahV

  2. We need to get on the ball to stop health care bill NOW. Go to my site for a list of Democrat Senators who may vote against it.

    I tried to paste the list here but couldn't. BB