Saturday, October 24, 2009

"All of the President's 'fixes' will just create new problems"

"Obama's Doctor Shortage":
"By drastically increasing demand while doing little to increase primary care physician supply, ObamaCare will turn health care into a consumer nightmare: longer wait times, shorter visits, higher prices, and decreased customer satisfaction. The U.S. will have to rely increasingly on nurse practitioners and physician assistants to meet patient demand. According to the WHO, the nurse-to-physician ratio in Canada and the U.K. are 5.3 and 5.6, respectively, compared to 3.6 in the U.S. And as fewer bright young people pursue medicine due to the profession's general malaise and oppressive bureaucratic regulations, we're likely to see an even greater physician shortage---not just in primary care, but in specialty care as well."
Somehow, some way, the Idiocrats and their "regressive" pals never seem to get around to even considering things like this subject. In their zeal to get their beloved universal health care worldview agenda item rolling, they will say or do anything, regardless of the costs to our nation and to our people, but they'll never be honest about the consequences of their actions.

Do you think they would actually tell the truth about the ugly outrages contained in their version of health care "reform"?

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