Monday, August 03, 2009

Will the Dems backdoor Obamacare through?

Chuckie Schumer says that he and his partners in slime just might sneak Obamacare through the Senate by the reconciliation process:
"Baucus has until Sept. 15 to reach an agreement with Republicans -- and that is still the goal. 'But if we don't, it is not going to stop us from moving forward with health care,' Schumer told reporters Monday. 'If the Republicans are not able to produce an agreement (by then), we will have contingencies in place. Health reform is just too important to let this window pass by.'

Among the options is invoking a procedural maneuver known as reconciliation, which would allow Senate Democrats to pass a bill with a simple majority rather than a 60-vote filibuster-proof threshold."

Ezra Klein says Chuckie and pals are asking for trouble:
"If Democrats try to invoke reconciliation and then override the parliamentarian and rewrite the Senate rulebook on the fly, the GOP will quickly and easily close down the chamber."
I hope the "progressive" jerks in Congress try their little gambit.

It would surely result in yet another MAJOR nail driven into the Obamanation coffin.

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