Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"Virtual" Town Hall meetings: A way for Obamacare shills to avoid being held accountable by an increasingly upset public

By holding these "virtual" Town Halls, the toads can control and shape the situation to distort the reality o0f the issue. This is a process the Obama handlers do well, as evidenced in the staged event yesterday.

"Voters seldom see their representatives in unscripted settings in which they have to think on their feet. In most public appearances, they speak from staff-written talking points. Unlike senators, most members of the House are not regulars on the network interview programs. Local or regional reporters may sometimes subject them to a grilling, but thanks to massive cutbacks in the news industry, this is becoming less and less common.

....From the politician’s perspective, that’s the beauty of virtual town halls. Staffers can screen the calls and messages. If a tough question does get through, the staffers can supply their boss with facts, figures, and snappy comebacks. (When the virtual town hall employs video instead of text, the aides need only stay out of camera range in order to preserve the illusion that the member is performing without assistance.) With all this help, even the laziest pols can look like ├╝berwonks. Call them 'virtual members.'

Obviously, the congressional workload requires lawmakers to delegate. But it’s reasonable for voters to expect them to know their stuff, especially on health care and other issues that affect people directly. In an old-fashioned town hall, the member’s body language and off-the-cuff answers help voters to tell whether he or she meets this standard.

Virtual town halls are a lot like Oz: The members are the little men and women behind the curtain. And they don’t even need a heart, a brain, or courage."

Hmmm .....

Obama as The Lizard Wizard of Oz.

How appropriate.

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