Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Jeffrey Lord: "Yes, They Really Are Mad As Hell"

Reflections on Obamacare, Town Hall meetings, astroturfing, Benedict Specter, the good citizens of Pennsylvania, and the way the political thuggery of those who push this issue marginalizes the American public.


"That something is a genuine anger -- touched by a flash of terror -- that the men and women who have temporary custody of the government of the United States, a government so carefully crafted in Philadelphia -- a city affectionately still known as The City of Brotherly Love -- are poised to enact health care policies that are both distinctly un-brotherly and absent of love. Policies that however well-intended, will ultimately wind up judging the worth of an American life in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, as found wanting in the balance, a needed sacrifice to the God of government- rationed care.

The life of the woman in the pink hat. The woman who lost her sister to cancer. The child of 1924 immigrants. The small businessman, the woman who fears for the disabled and, not least of all, Art the working stiff.

O'Hara's old novel of life in small town Pennsylvania ends with this sentence, spoken of the book's hero.

'And then, when that time was reached when he was placed in the great past, he went out of the lives of all of the rest of us, who are awaiting our turn.'

Awaiting our turn we all are.

But if the men and women of Lebanon, Pennsylvania have anything to say about it, it damn well won't be the government's way. "

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