Monday, August 10, 2009

It's gotta be global warming, right?

Saturn's rings are gonna disappear tomorrow!
Oh, wait......


  1. I believe the preferred term is now "climate change".

  2. ...."climate change"

    ...brought to you by Republicans who though 'global warming' was too scary and might actually drive people to action to solve an actual problem.

  3. " solve an actual problem."

    ....which only exists in the minds of the paranoid delusionals, the "regressive" knee jerks, the easily fooled, big government power and control freaks, all of whom are gleefully aided and abetted by the big bucks "Climate Change" industry industry toads.

    There is NO empirical evidence that supports "anthropogenic climate change".

    There is NO evidence the effects of any "climate change" can actually be mitigated.

    Furthermore, there is no evidence that mitigation, even if possible, would actually provide any benefit whatsoever.





    That's the bottom line, whether you,or anyone else likes it or not.

  4. Yeah, I have really felt the heat with all the record low temps around the globe. You know that is why they call it climate change now. Most real scientists see that GW is more of a hoax on the stipid, so they decided to name it something they could call alarm to no matter what happens.

    Duh...the climate is always changing. There is nothing we can do about it.