Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fidel says we're ALL racists

.....for opposing The Obama Follies.

John Stossel comments at his blog.

More here: "Why Obama's Health Plan Gets It Wrong":

"But there is one area of health care where costs are going down. Laser vision correction surgery, or LASIK, is almost never covered by insurance, and keeps getting cheaper.

'In every other field of medicine, the price is going up faster than consumer prices in general,' says John Goodman of the National Center for Policy Analysis. 'But the price of LASIK surgery, on average, has gone down by 30 percent.'

Prices dropped because without insurance payments, patients shop around to get the best deal. New York City LASIK provider Dr. Brian Bonanni sees patients comparison shopping every day. He says, 'I can't get away with not telling the patient how much exactly it's going to cost. No one would put up with it. And the difference of a hundred dollars sometimes makes their decision for them.'

Of course, it is important to have insurance cover the big things, like cancer, heart disease and accidents. But that's not the way most Americans think about insurance."


  1. This begs the question of why you cannot get a price list from your doctor of the services you will need. I do not have dental insurance and tried to get price quotes from several dentists and had no luck. My guess is there is some kind of collusion going on.