Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Exposing a traffic scam

In North Carolina, we got rid of the potential for scams like this several years ago.

Excerpt from the Chicago Tribune article, which quotes a revenue hungry local bureaucrat in a rare moment of candor:

"When the very first red-light camera was planted in the suburbs at 25th Avenue and Harrison Street in Bellwood, it instantly became more than just a traffic control device.

It became a cash machine.

That one device generates $60,000 to $70,000 a month in revenue from traffic fines for the western suburb, Bellwood Comptroller Roy McCampbell once declared as he likened the camera to “Lotto or casino type operations.”

'That intersection is a guaranteed amount of money,' McCampbell boasted to an Illinois Municipal League seminar in a 2007 presentation that was recorded and posted on YouTube. '… It just keeps popping.'

The reason is simple: The camera guards an entrance path to the Eisenhower Expressway and snaps away as cars and trucks make rolling right turns on red with astounding frequency.

....In his municipal league talk, McCampbell said he and other Bellwood officials lobbied for the new law. He aid the driving force was the deaths of four people in a July 2005 crash that involved red light running at Mannheim Road and Madison Street.

Bellwood has eight traffic cameras, but none at that intersection.

Let's make sure red light cameras NEVER come back to North Carolina, and let's make sure we stop any kind of talk of implementing this type of outrage before our North Carolina Vast Democrat Culture of Corruption money sucking vampires get their fangs out.

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  1. We just got them here in Texas and already several suits are pending to rid us of them. The sooner the better.