Saturday, August 15, 2009

And now we're "demagogues" if we oppose Obama's forthcoming illegal alien amnesty program?

Why are we not surprised at this preemptive shot , which once again marginalizes everyone who opposes his outrageous agenda?

As one of the link comments suggests, "fairness" is NOT defined as "putting the illegals at the front of the line."


  1. The present illegals will be legalized and become a crucial voting block for the Obama second term.

  2. Democrats have a long history of creating new "get out the vote" campaigns in all sorts of elections.

    The illegals' amnesty program may prove to be their biggest success of all time.

    But what do we know?

    We're "demagogues", "racists", "nazis", and many other pejoritives that have yet to be invented by our "regressive" pals.

  3. Er, it was Ronald Reagan who signed an amnesty for three million "illegal aliens" in 1986.

  4. Did you see the conservative libertarian Cato Institute study that legalizing undocumented immigrants would save the nation $180 billion?