Thursday, July 09, 2009

Your Local Vast Right Wing Conspirators

(L-R) Sam Hieb, Sam Spagnola, Jeff Sykes, Tony Wilkins, Beelze, Cheri, Joe Guarino, Me, Keith Brown.

Stay tuned.....


  1. I think Wilkns, Chuck and I would make a good offensive line.

    We should sign up for an over 30 rec football league!

  2. Bubba enjoyed the night and jeff on the football team I was the punter and kicker so if you need the go to guy to win the game put me in.

  3. Keith: That's great. Special teams wins games.

    As long as we don't do two a days in August I'm good.

    I think the two Sams, Cheri and Joe look pretty athletic, so there are our backs.

    We will have to find out what Bubba wants to play.

  4. "We will have to find out what Bubba wants to play."

    With the way my foot acts up, I'd be better at Left Out.

    I used to throw some pretty good heat when I was a kid, but I played a little catch with some neighborhood kids a few weeks ago, and my arm felt like a rubber band.

    Plus, I used to play a pretty good game of football on the basketball court. But then they told me that tackling the ball carrier was illegal.

  5. Beelze, quite naturally, would be the center.

  6. Not much of a football player. Good hands, decent arm in terms of accuracy but that's about it. Played soccer more. Short guy with big mouth. Now if arguing is your thing, I am your man.