Thursday, July 23, 2009

The 'Great Unifier' unmasks himself

.....and once again reveals himself to be the obnoxious Thug-in-Chief we've known for quite some time now.


"It is truly a sad day in America when the president of the United States fans the flames of racial hatred. The man elected to be president of all the people, in his speech at the NAACP basically said, though America is racist, sexist and homophobic, you can make it in spite of those white SOB's attempts to stop you. Wonderful. How inspiring. The NAACP audience erupted in applause. Obama's condemnation was 'red meat' to the liberal, protective of their victim status, organization."

The outrage of Obama's words are a driving force for the rising occurence of bad behavior of people like Henry Louis Gates excused by using the race card.


  1. Ah, the race card. When convienent, always pull it out.

    I have always thought that this race card is the reason more blacks aren't hired for meaningful postions.

    does the race card help or hurt blacks overall?

  2. It is a HUGE negative burden on the black community, but few can figure that out. They've bought into the victim identity politics the "progressive" masters use to keep their little version of slavery alive and well.