Thursday, June 11, 2009

The 'progressives' misogyny problem

It's no secret the "progressives" love to demonize conservative women. It's no secret that creeps like David Letterman get away with over-the-top comments about the daughters of prominent conservatives among their peer groups. The real question is why do these cretins do this, and why do they get a pass from the Dem/Lefty/"Progressive" elements almost every time , with very few exceptions?

Don Surber puts it into context.


"This is what happens when you do not look at people as individuals, but rather as members of a group. Many liberals think all women must act a certain way, otherwise they are deviants and therefore, targets. The same with black people. This is why Clarence Thomas and Michael Steele face racism that is not visited upon the president."

Read this comment on Surber's post:

"As liberals see it, they are 100% responsible for every advance or progress made by either women or Blacks. Therefore these two groups 'owe' liberals, and if a woman or Black person dares to be a conservative, they are savaged as somehow ungrateful and treasonous. As they see it, every woman in this article owes their career to Gloria Steinem, and therefore they have a moral obligation to agree with her on any point Steinem wishes.

And let’s not forget the sexual harassment double standard; Anita Hill accused Clarence Thomas of making some smutty jokes, and she was anointed for sainthood. But the MANY women who have accused Bill Clinton of not just harassment, but sexual assault, have received nothing but contempt and hatred from the Left and the liberal media."


There's nothing the Usual Suspect apologists can say that will counter the essential truth of that statement.


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