Thursday, June 11, 2009

Education is next on the Obamanation's takeover agenda, after Obamacare is safely institutionalized

You don't think so?

Hide and watch.

"Barack Obama is leading the progressive parade, and his wagon is hitched to a team of horses that includes a compliant Democrat Congress, well-funded liberal think tanks, a shill media, and the collective mindset of a progressive movement active since the early 20th Century.

The Great Depression chaos gave FDR the opportunity to dramatically alter the nation's socio-political landscape. Likewise, the implosion of the credit market in 2008 gave the Obama administration the chaos needed to cram down its progressive initiatives with breathtaking speed."
"Federal control over 'some kind of equal opportunity educational system' might lead to more equal development of innate skills, but it would need to be supplemented by a redistributive tax system that spreads the wealth to accompany an equalization of skills. A twofer, as it were.

Unless the nation pushes back against the trend, local communities will lose control over their neighborhood schools and a Beltway School Czar will be in our future."

I never thought it possible, but it looks like our "public school system" will turn out to be a turbocharged version of the current Government Schools/Libthink Indoctrination Centers, as we exchange one set of entrenched local bureaucrats with an even more dangerous and egregious federal version.

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