Monday, May 11, 2009

'Hope 'n change' Hate Speech

"I hope his kidneys fail"?

Then Obama smiles, and the Tanksters laugh?

Can you imagine the Lefty outrage if a prominent conservative pundit said something personal regarding Obama and lung cancer?

So where's the outrage on this piece of slime?

Oh wait, I forgot.

The new speech code in the Obamanation is "free speech for me, but not for thee".

More on this execrable episode, from Kathryn Jean Lopez:
"Somehow Dick Cheney, who continues to stand athwart unseriousness yelling 'Stop", is the enemy.

Somehow Rush Limbaugh, conservative stalwart, the embodiment of capitalist success, a man who has struggled with adversity with an inspiring humility, is someone we’re to disdain so much as to laugh at the prospect of his kidneys’ failing.

Somehow we are supposed to be pining for one of the nastiest men on television to do something that everyone laughing at the joke presumably considers torture to Sean Hannity, who, agree with him or not, is the happiest of warriors compared with Keith Olbermann.

The reviews of the president Saturday night were good, I keep hearing. But what happened Saturday night was not right. The same liberal elite that has brought us hate-crimes laws and speech codes spewed real venom.

The White House Correspondents’ Dinner is below the president, whoever he is
I thought this when Bush was president and I think it even more today). But that dinner Saturday night —in the jokes the president of the United States of America was willing to make and to laugh at — was beneath America. "



  1. I think you're having trouble distinguishing between the comments of a comedian and our President. He did not invite Ms. Sykes. Besides, it's merely an event to be light. Is Mr. Obama to get up and walk out every time he hears something untoward?

  2. "Is Mr. Obama to get up and walk out every time he hears something untoward?"

    No, but neither should he sit there grinning like the jackass eating briers that he is.

    He is beneath contempt as well as his attempt at humor made in remarks to this bunch of swooning fools. "Just last week, Car and Driver named me auto executive of the year. Something I'm very proud of."
    Sad that this incompetent, empty suit is proud of overstepping the bounds of the Constitution as no other POTUS before has ever done.

    He thinks it's a cute joke, but the jokes on us, the American taxpayer, and I ain't laughing.

    I blogged this today. Check it out.

  3. I am an independent now & I find Ms. Sykes humor to be low class, offensive & disgusting. I don't think that anyone in a responsible position such as "president of the USA, or any world leader, should be encouraging anything so tasteless. What ever happened to humor with a little "dignity"?

  4. Mr. Noteworthy-

    Regarding your comment "Can you imagine the Lefty outrage if a prominent conservative pundit said something personal regarding Obama and lung cancer?"
    1. Ms. Sykes is hardly a prominent liberal pundit, as you seem to be inferring. She is a comedienne well known for her blue material.
    2. Rush, and others who want our country to fail, have this coming. Rush is not your garden variety blowhard sitting on a barstool who continuously spouts off what he thinks is 'the way things ought to be.' Rush is on the Federally regulated airwaves who often crosses the line, as in this case. Through these airwaves Rush has access to millions of people, and has the power to influence their thought process. With that power comes responsibility, and advocating for the failure and collapse of America does not show he can handle that responsibility. I do not mean to say that those who disagree with the current administration should not be heard- quite the opposite. Dissent is crucial in a democracy. Serious debate is required. Rush consistently crosses the line in his rants, and is not particularly helpful in the necessary dialogue between the left and the right.

    If Hannity was 'joking' about his opinion of waterboarding, he didn't let on. Again, people who have access to the airwaves have a responsiblity to the American public. Hannity cannot dismiss waterboarding as torture, then offer to subject himself to waterboarding to prove his point in the context of a 'joke'. It doesn't work that way. Nor can he offer to go through waterboarding to benefit our troops, only to say 'just kidding'. I would respect his opinion a lot more if he would just say something like "I don't believe waterboarding is torture, although I wouldn't want to be waterboarded myself," because this would have been true.
    Seriously, you don't really think Hannity was joking as he was running his mouth about being waterboarded, do you? Let's be honest.

    Keith Olbermann goes over the top at times, and sometimes it is a bit difficult to watch him. I'll put on the Daily Show or Colbert Report instead. But I will say this: Keith Olbermann says what he means and means what he says. This is something Hannity, Limbaugh, O'Reilly, et al. have failed to demonstrate they are capable of doing.

    p.s. 'inspiring humility'? Are you serious? Or is this your attempt at sarcasm?

  5. "1. Ms. Sykes is hardly a prominent liberal pundit, as you seem to be inferring. She is a comedienne well known for her blue material."


    Delete "prominent", if that will satisfy your anal retentiveness.

    "2. Rush, and others who want our country to fail."

    He said nothing of the sort. Stop relying on the babble of left wing sources who mischaracterized the Limbaugh excerpt, and read the piece yourself so that you'll actually know what you're talking about next time.

    Like your brethren looney tooners, you failed to read the entire Limbaugh passage in question, and just ran you're mouth instead.

    The rest of your comment is just noise from the "Progressive" echo chamber, and does not rate any further response.

  6. "What ever happened to humor with a little "dignity"?"

    I have yet to see dignity in this administration on any subject. They have absolutely no idea of the word nor it's meaning.

    One must have class to understand and to have dignity, something once again this administration is sorely lacking.

  7. She made a sick remark. I don't understand the point of "what if a con said it?" There has been outrage over this "joke", even right here, YOU blogged about it! What more do you want? It's nothing less than what wouldve happened "if a con said it".


  8. "I don't understand the point of 'what if a con said it?'"

    There's a lot of things you don't understand, and there's a lot of us who are getting tired of explaining all of it to you.