Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"Spare me the phony outrage"?

With the slime you and your surrogates are slinging?

No, Barry......

Spare us your all too real hypocrisy.

To quote The One:

“So spare me the phony outrage,” Obama said. “We have real problems in this country right now. And the American people are looking to us for answers, not distractions, not diversions, not manipulations. They want real answers to the real problems that we are facing."

Which is why YOU and your brainless blowhard running mate are falling fast in the polls.

Neither of you can keep from running your mouths, can you?

We won't even begin to talk about your Nutroot Little Buddies.

Meanwhile, here's a pretty good analysis of the stupidity of Obama's remark:

"My Outrage is More Legitimate than Yours!":

"I'd call for an outrageous litmus test, but that would be outrageous. And phony.


Maybe I should issue a real call for phony change."

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