Tuesday, September 09, 2008

An outpost of sanity in LaLaLaLa Land

Observations from Andrew Breitbart, on Left Coast Lunacy:

“I’m telling you they’re uninteresting, they’re vicious, they’re vitriolic, they’re really, really not good people. I’m willing to say that on the record.

You could probe them scientifically and anthropologically and prove that they’re not good people. They’re not acting on sound judgment, and what they’ve done to those people that disagree with them, whether they be Lieberman Democrats or Scoop Jackson liberals, whether they’re Blue Dog Democrats – they’ve been shut out of the party as these people do cocaine off of everybody’s buttocks and tell everybody that they need to create a sustainable future. The level of hypocrisy, I go, I’ve seen Fellini movies where I feel like I’m watching Little House on the Prairie compared to these people.”

Sounds like certain of our local Usual Suspect prancers and posers, doesn't it?

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