Sunday, September 21, 2008

Obama's use of The Politcs of Fear

The One and Team are becoming quite good at it, are they not?


"Barack Obama knows all of this, of course; he just doesn't want America's workers to have the same opportunity to accumulate wealth that he himself enjoys. We're used to the Democrats demagoging Social Security, but Obama goes beyond demagoguery when he engages in outright lies."

The Dems' internal polls must not look too rosy; hence, the use of the fear tactics.


  1. "Change we can believe in!"

    You know it's true Bubba ;)


  2. Milo, you mean Change from the far left to the middle on campaign-finance reform, FISA, NAFTA, abortion, capital punishment, guns, Iran, Iraq, the surge, and drilling offshore,playing the race card etc etc and it ain't even election day yet so who knows what Change he believes in. From what I can see, it's Change and more change to get elected.
    Rumor is it that he will "change" VP candidates as well. The fear of the "Biden" factor plus the Palin factor may bring us even more Change we can believe in. I'm waiting.

    Fear Bubba, Obama and the left is so filled with fear they are willing to do anything, even destroy the country ala George Soros.

    Axelrod, king of astro-turfing creating change through lies ala the Winner Group? Even the Axelrod is running scared but then nothing has ever stopped him from using lies and defamation to win.

  3. ticker,

    I was being as sarcastic as my online persona would allow -- I'm pretty sure Bubba got it.

    That being said I couldn't agree with you more

  4. Oh I got it Anon Milo but just wanted to add some salt to the lefties who read Bubba's blog. You know, the usual suspects? You see, I believe most of them would not get it and don't get it even when someone draws them a picture and gives them the Crayola's to color it.