Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Obama's tax plan: "Courting Disaster", "A Profound Mistake"

....says Merk chief economist.


"Such policies are 'courting disaster" in an a weak economy, says Brusuelas, who believes Obama's tax plan is much better campaign politics than governing policy."

Tell us something that most of us (excepted for the enraptured Usual Suspects) don't already know.

The tab on Obama's delusionary economic program is going to be excessive, many trillions of dollars by the time's he's done dreaming up new and imaginative ways to cure the "problems" he thinks need "fixing", many of which problems are none existent, and are simply more money dumped down the rat hole.

A "tax increase on the rich" (plus the sneak attack tax increase on the middle class) is not going to pay for it all, particularly in light of the economic malaise and stagnation his policies will inflict upon the economy.

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