Friday, September 19, 2008

Obama as presidential candidate: A luxury item

John Hinderaker:

"Newspapers routinely report that troubled financial markets and other economic turmoil are good for Barack Obama, since, for the last eight years, the Republicans have been "in charge." Put aside the absurdity of that last assumption: most voters make a very different calculation from the one assumed by reporters. If times are tough and the future uncertain, voters want a steady, sober hand at the tiller.

As a Presidential candidate, Barack Obama is essentially a luxury item. He seems like a reasonably nice guy. His big appeal is that he's African-American. Obama is a feel-good candidate; who wouldn't like to see an African-American as President? But no one pretends that he is particularly well qualified for the Presidency or that he has demonstrated the sort of steadiness in a crisis that people want when times are tough."

Obama is clearly a "luxury item" that this nation cannot afford.

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