Thursday, September 11, 2008

How to get the media and the Nutroots to stop talking about Bristol Palin's pregnancy

Tell them that the baby's father is John Edwards.


  1. Bubba, am I going to have to scold you for insulting Bristol Palin?

  2. Yeah, I know.

    But i am quite certain that the tactic would be effective.

  3. The liberals love the fact that they have Bristol, a young 17 year old , unmarried pregnant girl to scorn rather than a 55 year old , married, former Democrat Senator and failed Democrat VP candidate and failed Democrat Presidential candidate who chose to have an extra martial affair with a 44 year old sometime actress and knock the woman up while his wife was recovering from breast cancer.
    Wow, evidently they just don't get it. Edwards should have, and did know better, but went ahead and did the deed. You would think that a 55 year old man and a 44 year old woman would know what birth control is and would have some level of control.
    The libs get it all right but it is easier to slam a young, immature 17 year old than it is a 55 year old dumbass who for dang sure knew better.