Thursday, September 18, 2008

Here's how Obama can steal the election this November

Repeal the 19th Amendment.


"Yes, it's rather moonlight and self-pity in Democratic circles now that the prospect of an Obama administration may not be the certainty it seemed only weeks ago. 'There is a growing sense of doom among Democrats I have spoken to,"'the Financial Times quotes a party fundraiser who formerly supported Hillary Clinton. 'People are going crazy, telling the campaign "you've got to do something".' Evidently, even congressional candidates from Obama's party have taken to distancing themselves from him and declined also to attack John McCain."


"As to the foreign policy issue that got him(Obama) nominated, where'd that go? I can't remember the last time we heard those dire and willfully misconstrued words about '100 years' in Iraq. (Instead, there's been lots of fact-checking on a Bridge to Nowhere.) Come to that, we hardly even hear him speak the word 'Iraq' these days unless it's to concede to that the troop surge, which he opposed and which was championed most loudly by his opponent, has succeeded beyond 'our wildest dreams.' Next up: Admitting that it wasn't such a bad idea to remove Saddam Hussein, after all..."

(hat tip: Confederate Yankee)

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