Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Cone Project: Fisking the "Troopergate" Non-Scandal

Over at Cone's, the proprietor and his Usual Suspect buddies, right on cue, are babbling about the so-called Palin "Troopergate" non scandal.

As we have seen, these jerks are moving methodically on to a new anti-Palin talking point with regularity, as each talking point in turn gets laughed off the stage because of the patent absurdity of the whole program.

"Troopergate" is no different from the rest of the nonsense, and Flopping Aces had this thing covered last week.

Read the whole thing.

This entire thing is a non-starter, and the slimeballs know it.

It's just an ongoing feeble attempt to draw attention away from their presidential candidate, who is likely to go down in history as the least qualified person ever to be nominated by a major political party to run for president.

We know it, they know it, and the voting public is quickly beginning to know it.

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  1. Anyone with a brain, which leaves out the usual suspects, would know that the so called Troopergate is nothing but sour grapes made up by the poor slob that Sarah whooped up on . He is suffering terribly from the riding of his fellow icehole fishing buddies that he can't bare be in the same hut with them. The only way he manages is to claim all kinds of nonsense about Sarah and tell how he would have done it different. In other words he's a typical looser, sorta like the usual suspects, who when they have lost will find some line of BS to through out to cover their retreat and shame. I believe that about covers that subject.