Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Torrecelli Gambit

Jim Geraghtey thinks the Dems just might get desperate enough to pull a repeat of their famous New Jersey tactic of a few seasons ago.

Meanwhile, the pouting, posturing and pettiness from our Usual Suspects continues unabated....


  1. And that tactic would be too little, too late. Besides that folks would remember that Obama again was against something before he was for something after he finally "got it", but too late. You know like his three try response on the Georgia issue. Took three tries and he still really didn't "get it" and only repeated what someone smarter and quicker had said.
    A stunt with Hillary replacing Biden would just enhance his lacking of discernment and judgement...again!

  2. you know I would not put it past them to try this maneuver.