Sunday, August 03, 2008

Recaping the Dem/Pelosi ploy to keep the House from voting or debating energy policy

Pelosi's disgraceful political stunt got some new media coverage, despite her bizarre shutdown of the House.


"For weeks before this adjournment, Congress voted on the naming of Post Offices, proclaimed The Year of Astronomy 2009, and outlawed already outlawed lead in children's toys. Congress also stealthily passed a multi-trillion $ porked-up bailout for the mortgage industry. Speaker Pelosi kept any motion to debate drilling for oil and gas from not only being debated on the House Floor; she did not allow any such debate to take place within Committees. She was busy letting the clock run out on any opportunity to debate solutions to the energy crisis before this 5-week adjournment. Her plan to release the Strategic Petroleum Reserves sometime before the upcoming election was obviously her assumed ticket to a Democratic Party rout of Republicans that would return complete political control of The United States to the Democratic Party forever. She might have succeeded with the plan, if not for New Media technology"

As I have said previously, energy is the prevailing issue of this campaign, whether the Dems/Lefties/"Progressives" like it or not. Their attempt to turn focus away from their usual agenda related demagoguery and their well documented decades-long obstruction of production of new energy product is too transparent.

The American public is not as stupid as our Usual Suspects need them to be.

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