Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Obama Cover up

Obama's relationship with known terrorist Bill Ayers was more than just an "association".

Much, MUCH more:

Amazing. The mere possibility that a candidate for president worked closely, for years, with an unrepetentant terrorist on an issue of mutual concern, and that the terrorist himself could cause a university to cover it up -- that ought to be huge news, by any standard.

As the saying goes, the coverup is worse than the crime. But if Diamond is right, what's being covered up might be pretty bad.

'Unfortunately for Senator Obama, what might only stink in Chicago - a relationship with an ex-terrorist who had an authoritarian agenda in mind for Chicago school kids - is far more damaging on the national political scene.'"


"Although the press has been notably lax about pursuing the matter, the full story of the Obama-Ayers relationship calls the truth of Obama’s account seriously into question. When Obama made his first run for political office, articles in both the Chicago Defender and the Hyde Park Herald featured among his qualifications his position as chairman of the board of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, a foundation where Ayers was a founder and guiding force. Obama assumed the Annenberg board chairmanship only months before his first run for office, and almost certainly received the job at the behest of Bill Ayers.

During Obama’s time as Annenberg board chairman, Ayers’s own education projects received substantial funding. Indeed, during its first year, the Chicago Annenberg Challenge struggled with significant concerns about possible conflicts of interest. With a writ to aid Chicago’s public schools, the Annenberg challenge played a deeply political role in Chicago’s education wars, and as Annenberg board chairman, Obama clearly aligned himself with Ayers’s radical views on education issues.

With Obama heading up the board and Ayers heading up the other key operating body of the Annenberg Challenge, the two would necessarily have had a close working relationship for years (therefore “exchanging ideas on a regular basis”). So when Ayers and Dorhn hosted that kickoff for the first Obama campaign, it was not a random happenstance, but merely further evidence of a close and ongoing political partnership.

Of course, all of this clearly contradicts Obama’s dismissal of the significance of his relationship with Ayers."

Obama himself may just be a well programed incompetent socialist, but those who influence him are dangerous, and in some cases, absolutely evil.

And then we have the story of the sudden and mysterious denial of access to the Annenberg challenge information:

"Weller stated that no one currently has access to the collection and added that: 'The Collection is closed because it has come to our attention that there is restricted material in the collection. Once the collection has been processed it will be open to any patron interested in viewing it.'"


"It’s also puzzling that UIC now raises the absence of any formal agreement with the donor — and thus the absence of any formal restrictions by the donor — as a reason to deny access to a collection placed in library custody precisely to facilitate public access."

Imagine that!

Be sure to go to Joe Guarino's, where he discusses the double standard we've all come to expect from the media on issues like this.

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  1. The stonewalling may be harmful to BHO but the stuff Kurtz is seeking is radioactive. We might as well accept the fact that the MSM is inthe tank for the socialist candidate. G. Gordon Liddy call your office.

    Fred Gregory