Wednesday, August 27, 2008

More about Obama's involvment in "ethics" legislation

...or lack thereof while a political street hack in the Illinois senate:

"As it happens, that provision was part of a famed ethics bill for which Senator Obama sometimes takes credit, wildly exaggerating his role in its passage. As Jones’s story demonstrates, Obama’s supporters are also exaggerating the law’s positive effects.

This ethics bill — which passed in a not-so-close 52-4 vote in the Illinois senate — did not clean up Illinois politics. It did at least bar political fundraising on state property. It blocked lobbyists and contractors from giving personal gifts to legislators. But it did not stop them from giving contributions in the so-called “pay-to-play” game. It did not prevent major political donors like Tony Rezko from influencing the makeup of the powerful boards that control the state’s pension funds, filling them with crooked allies who would help him steal. It did not prevent incumbent legislators from rolling campaign funds into their personal bank accounts."

Imagine that!

But do we ever hear about this from the Cult members, or the slobbering fools in the media?

Of course not.

There's a Libthink Agenda to be fulfilled in this election.

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