Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Hillary Comeback

Dennias Keohane thinks it may be in the works.

Key point:

"Many people, including no doubt a goodly number of nervous Democrat super delegates, are asking themselves the David Brooks 'question about Obama's standing in the polls: "Where's the landslide ?" After evaluating him for several months, voters in the middle still aren't ready to embrace him.

National polls show not only a tightening of the Obama-McCain race to a statistical dead heat but momentum toward a McCain lead, something inconceivable only weeks ago. The specter of an Obama collapse has to haunt more than a few super delegates."

No big surprise in hearing that, is there?

The ego, the arrogance, the gaffes, and the cultish hero-worship, plus the policy issue problems are causing many level headed Dems (and some of the Screwballs) to have second thoughts.


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  2. Sorry for the delete. It seems that I posted the wrong post for the wrong topic. Lets try it again.

    Here is how the post should have read:

    Look for Obama to be "McGoverned" as McGovern was in 68. Should this fail and he get on the ticket as McGovern did in 72 with a platform that sounds so familiar today look for the same results. For those not familiar, McGovern was anti-war candidate. He proposed an across-the-board, 37% reduction in defense spending over three years. (Does this sound familiar ? He also inclueded what was known as a "demogrant" program giving $1,000 to every citizen in America ( more of the same and no change it seems) that was later changed to creating a $6,500 guaranteed minimum income for Americans( something similar should be coming soon so hang on to more of the same from the days of yesteryear and no real change.

    My bet is a repeat of the 68 Convention where McGovern seemed to be leading and got set aside for a candidate appearing more electable.In 68 it was Hubert Humphrey and this time around it will be a surprise. Lots of folks think Clinton but I see it as a totally different candidate, one that will be acceptable to the main stream Democrats and swing voters.
    It's going to be fun watching the fireworks in Denver when Obama, to borrow a NASCAR term, doesn't make the chase.