Saturday, August 23, 2008

Here's what Obama's advisors should tell him

"Barack! You are running for the top job in America, so when you mention the U.S., or its history, just dispense with the Harvard qualifiers, the howevers and buts, the oppression studies talking points, the morally equivalent cute examples, the tangled legal nuances, and professorial huffing, and simply say nice things about your country, and if you can't, don't say anything at all about it. The voters know that you believe America is not perfect, but they don't know whether you believe it is good."

As suggested by VDH.

It will never happen, Professor Hanson.

The big ego and the big dogma always gets in Barry O's way. And I think it's pretty clear to most of America in regard to whether the Chicago machine pol thinks America is good or not.

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