Saturday, July 26, 2008

The "Racism! Racism!" nonsense gets louder and louder

The theme will soon completely morph into "If you don't vote for Obama, it's because you're a RACIST!"


"Calling someone a racist is one of the most serious charges than be leveled against an individual. It is outrageous enough that such a charge is being and will be thrown at tens of millions of people. It demonstrates the naked contempt the left have for the individual mind and the individual voter who approaches an election with certain fundamental benchmarks that a candidate must meet to earn his vote."

You will note that this is the same type of marginalization tactic used by the "Scientific Consensus on Anthropogenic Global Warming" clowns against us evil "Deniers".

Why are we never surprised to learn of things like this, from people like this?

1 comment:

  1. Just another ploy to stir up white guilt and shame people into voting their way. We see the same thing with Skippy and Earl sucking taxpayer $$$$ from the City of GSO.
    The race card is as alive in presidential politics as it is in Greensboro.