Thursday, April 03, 2008

"A Psychotic Depression With Economic Hallucinosis"

That's Dr. Sanity's diagnosis for the Lame Stream Media, and applies as well to certain blahggers, especial local ones of undeserved arrogance certain, ahem, distinction.


"The MSM has become those evil voices inside our head, that come and go depending on the political whims of the moment. As the IBD op-ed points out, because the Iraq war is mostly headed in a positive direction (they haven't been able to spin Sadr's ignominious defeat quite into the victory they would like) they sense that by focusing on the subprime mortgage issue and the buyout of Bear Stearns, they can manipulate every American's worse fears.

No one is saying that these issues are good; or that we are going through some tough times as a whole, but the media is distorting their significance and hyping the 'fixes' to such an extent that you would believe that--if it weren't for the Democrats looking out for the 'little guy' we would all be headed to the poor house at best and hopeless suicidal depression at worse."

"I would wager that the instant the Democrats take over the White House (glory hallelujah to that wonderful day, the voices would sing), the voices of doom will cease to trouble us and we will be cured of our "malaise".

Not because anything will have changed, but because the voices will have achieved their purpose.

During the last 7 years we have seen unemployment fall. GDP continue to rise, sometimes at the fastest growth years. Yet the New York Times and other MSM hallucinations always surveys the economic landscape and declare, "The sky is falling! The sky is falling."

The Democrats and the Left depended on high oil prices and devastating natural disasters to prove beyond all shadow of a doubt that Bush's economic policies are creating poverty and economic decline. They immediately seize on any bad economic news to declare impending doom."

Check out the IBD editorial, particularly the graph about food stamps.

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