Saturday, April 05, 2008

Obama's the one to "Unify America"?

Oh please, spare us all the sanctimony.

The history of the Democrat Party, and of Obama himself show us that exactly the opposite is true.


Throughout the 1980s and 1990s students across the country were subject to ever more creative sources of division and doublethink. 'Postmodernist' intellectuals crafted a new and improved Marxist mantra called 'race, class, and gender' and encouraged the academy and the media to see history and society through these new lenses.

When a student read Shakespeare for example, he or she was encouraged by the professor to dismiss the beauty of the language and the tender intimacy of the love affair and focus instead on race divisions, class divisions, and gender divisions within the story."

In all seriousness however we need to be aware that doublethink is at bottom a form of intellectual laziness, irresponsibility, or a form of 'having your cake and eating it too' with a disdain for objective limits and consistency."

Exactly the case.

Doublethink equals Libthink.


  1. I really can't understand why the Obama camp are putting out badly flawed commercials since they are ahead, but they are. is checking them out and giving the facts. I put some of them on my blog. If they keep these dirty attacks up they will start losing people. Then again, the liberal guys have never cared in the past what means are used as long as they win, so maybe it won't matter. Funny how these people are so self- righteous and yet willing to lie to get their way isn't it? BB

  2. Brenda Obama and the Dems depend on the uneducated, uninformed and lemming voters so who cares about the facts.