Friday, April 04, 2008

Is Obama still a smoker?

Jake Tapper thinks he might well be.

Beldar has questions, too.


"But it's disturbing to have my suspicions renewed that Sen. Obama's not only a chronic smoker, but a chronic liar about whether he's been successful in quitting."

Before you Obamarama fans start howling in protest about this point, bear in mind: The truth about this goes to questions about character and judgement.

Those are two important aspects of a candidate that the public needs to know about.

Full disclosure: I am an ex smoker, and I don't really care whether Obama still smokes or not.

I DO care whether he's hiding the truth.


  1. You can quit wondering if he is a liar or not & just accept the fact that most of what he is saying is "slick deceit". He didn't go down to Kenya in 2006 & speak out for his terrorist first cousin, Raila Odinga for nothing. Try Googling Raila Odinga & Barack Obama & take a look at the photos that are all over the European press along with the articles. None of this has ever been seen in the US press. Might it suggest Barack is a racist? According to his own words, his favorite book, growing up, was "The Life Of Malcom X. I am starting to call the Obama supporters "Dreamocrats" including some people that I have admired in the past.

  2. And we're the racists for pointing things like that out.......

    Go figure.

    Obama's integrity and his judgement are impaired.

    This needs to be highlighted loudly and clearly from here through the November election.

    The "Dreamocrats" need to be awakened to the reality of Obama.

  3. How can we point out Obamas'lack of judgement when the mainstream media is having a love fest with him? I was taught in high school civics class that the US would never be deceived as the Germans had been, prior to WWII. We were taught that our free press would make mass deception impossible. Well, apparently my well intentioned teachers were wrong. The journalist in this country, with the exception of, Pat Buchanan & the writers of Saturday Night Live are proving themselves useless, in the lead up to the next election. Where do we turn for the kind of "truth" that our parents & grandparents had with ethical journalist such as Edward R. Murrow?

  4. "Where do we turn for the kind of 'truth' that our parents & grandparents had with ethical journalist such as Edward R. Murrow?"

    The blogosphere is one place, Fox News Channel another, despite the bleating and blather from our simple minded and dim bulb Usual Suspect crowd.