Saturday, March 22, 2008

Yet ANOTHER pastor problem for Obama

Confederate Yankee has some details, and a video.

Best comments:

"I'm sure if Obama felt the need to comment on something like this he could wave it off as he did in his speech Tuesday by saying this is this type of rhetoric you hear black politicians uttering all over over the country. He can't ignore them or disown them. Just look at Maxine Waters, Kwame Patrick, John Conyers, and Cindy McKinney, for example. You can't make this stuff up."

"Who is keeping the blacks from a good education? Surely not our public school and higher ed apparatus that is full of Democrats! So who? How can they possibly not advance when the deck is so decidedly stacked in their favor unless....unless the reason they fail is a failure of effort given their opportunities? But then that's no one's fault but their own!

Bush was right when he spoke of the soft bigotry of low expectations! Democrats totally run the show in areas where minorities are 'the majority' - so the only people to blame for their lack of advancement compared with Asians and Whites in the suburbs is....the education/government complex run by Democrats themselves."

What further reminders will we see of Obama's poor judgment in the choice of people he surrounds himself with?

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