Monday, March 31, 2008

Understanding the Dems' nomination problem

It's all going to be up to the lawyers, it would appear.

"But the Democrats appear to be a party of lawyers. Only lawyers could have invented delegate selection rules as complicated and opaque as the ones the Democrats are struggling under. It also looks like only lawyers have a chance at the Democratic nomination. Harvard Law (Obama) and Yale Law (Clinton) candidates have survived, while University of North Carolina Law (Edwards), Syracuse Law (Biden), and the University of Louisville Law (Dodd) have been eliminated. And lawyers at the DNC Rules Committee will decide what happens next."

How fitting for the party who tied up the '00 election for weeks through legal nonsense.

(hat tip:
Donald Luskin)


  1. Superdelegate indeed! The Dems seem like children making up the game as they go along.

  2. "The Dems seem like children making up the game as they go along."

    In every way.

    Check out Cone's blog for local examples.

    In this case, it's Cone playing the religion card, in the "More Christian Myth" category, as Sam Spagnola has indicated.

  3. Screamin Dean says, Fla and Mich delegates will not be seated. (that was last week)
    Screaming Dean (now) says Fla and Mich delegates will be seated on credentials committee.

    You explain it! It's more perhaps than I want to know but give it a shot.