Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Political Lie of the Day

"I was deeply involved in the Irish peace process"

Dick Morris provides the truth.


"Those words were uttered by Hillary Clinton — with a straight face!

Ever since she began her campaign for the presidency, Hillary and

Bill Clinton have both boldly — and falsely — claimed that she played

an important role in the Irish peace process. Suddenly rewriting history,

they’ve claimed that her success in bringing peace to Ireland is all part

of the vast experience that makes her qualified for the White House.

It’s funny that they both forgot to mention her magical diplomatic skills

in their respective memoirs.

But now her recently released White House schedules show that

illary’s assertions are one big fantasy. Hillary’s role

in all of the Irish visits were no different than any other

first ladies, the ones who didn’t think that accompanying

the president to a foreign country was a major diplomatic coup."

(hat tip: Fred Gregory)

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