Monday, March 17, 2008

"Emotional and Ethical Dwarfs"

No, we're not talking about certain of the Usual Suspects in our local blahgosphere, we're talking about journalists, writers, politicians, and some professional bureaucrats as a group, described by David Brooks:

"And, of course, these people succeed and enjoy their success. When Bigness descends upon them, they dominate every room they enter and graciously share their company with those who are thrilled to meet them. They master the patois of globaloney — the ability to declaim for portentous minutes about the revolution in world affairs brought about by technological change/environmental degradation/the fundamental decline in moral values.

They treat their conversational partners the way the Nazis treated Poland. They crush initial resistance, and the onslaught of accumulated narcissism is finally too much to bear."

Hmmm.....who comes to mind for me when I read that passage?

The title of this thread comes from Don Boudreaux:

"In other words, politicians are children disguised as adults - persons who ought to be playing with wooden blocks while seated at their little desks in Romper Room rather than playing with our liberties and resources while seated at their mahogany desks within marble-domed monuments to their stupid power."

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  1. I regularly read and enjoy David Brooks, but today's article was especially insightful.

    As for people it brings to mind: well one whole helluva lot of the men I have had to deal with in my career! BB