Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Cone Project for 3-5-08

Cone goes to the Rotary to give a lunchtime talk.

Excerpt from prepared remarks, at his blahg:

"Let me finish you with a warning. The voice of the people is not always in tune. The world is full of hostile people with agendas, and the web gives them a megaphone."


"You may have to ban them if you can't ignore them, shut them up, or marginalize them when you can't answer their challenges based on the merits of your own point, or the points of those who help you massage your already massive ego."

And on the Obama thread Cone trots out his "who, me?" routine when Fred Gregory busts his chops about the whining over "going after" Obama supporters.

When the whining fails, the attempted phony schmooze gets laid on:

"Fred, my friend, I don't understand why you feel that I'm picking on you."

Too funny!


Ben Holder provides some info about the "talk" that keeps things in their proper perspective:

"I talked with two people that were at this meeting. Both of them called me to tell me that Ed Cone danced all around my name but did not mention it. In real life, the real world, Ed Cone hates citizen journalism. he likes for people to pretend to practice it. However, he does not want the establishment rocked."

Accurate and revealing, particularly for those who haven't quite figured Cone out yet.

I wonder what kind of whining and moaning Cone will do in response?


Looks like Cone and his Peanut Gallery have chosen sarcasm as their tactic.

Ben handles it without breaking a sweat.

Don't you just love how they try to marginalize someone they can't control?

Think they'll ever learn?

Converge South is going to be SO MUCH fun this year.

Count on it.


  1. Cone will be on my butt with my post in reference to Freds post on the Senate Bill and Anthony trying to cherry pick.

    Also I posted a quote directed to GED which is sure to raise some hackles.

    There is really nothing mysterious nor does what Obama has to say really contain any real power except the emotional power found at old time camp meetings that soon wore off as soon as a "pretty skirt" passed by and the jug was passed. Karl Kraus summed up the situation very well when he said:

    "A demagogue tries to sound as stupid as his audience so that they will think they are as clever as he is."

    I believe the quote could apply to Cone as well.

  2. "The voice of the people is not always in tune . . .

    . . . with me."

    -Ed Cone

  3. It sounded to me like Ed's speech was good and helped non bloggers to understand the medium.

    I think it would be a great idea if you composed a speech that you would have presented to the same group.
    (meant in a very sincere way....)

    Ben clearly wanted what he got based on his earlier comment and enjoyed the exchange. I give him credit for uncovering topics that others miss. I criticize him for his rude and obnoxious attacks of others that are without reason.

  4. MeB. There is no point in wasting the time on such an exercise.

    Bubba's last name . . . my last name . . . is not Cone.

  5. I a friendly way....

    I believe that if someone is going to criticize that they should offer what they would have done. It is darn easy to throw the rock...where as the more dynamic response is what is the alternative.

    The alternative makes for much more interesting reading.


  6. MeB, respectfully, I believe I have offered what I would have done in Cone's well-named/blogger-king shoes . . . in his N&R column . . . at a Rotary appearance (Asheboro, especially) . . . and on the web.

    I would put front and center a story that a fellow blogger brought to my attention - a story that challenges some of these Rotarians to put their actions where their rhetoric is.

    My blog is arguably the most prolific (not to mention, unique) in Randolph County. Moreover it has a mission. Yet at Cone's Asheboro Rotary appearance he never brought up my name - or my blog.

    If you want to be "relevant" as a citizen - or a journalist - you do relevant things . . . you cover relevant stories. If you're a blogger, you push the envelope.

    Instead our Edward Cone would rather sneer and spit (without so much as looking at the evidence) from the lofty/safe/cushioned perch of a good name.

    Make no mistake. I've pissed Edward/JR/etc off and now it's all and only about keeping me down. And (as his mealy-mouthed rationalization of the "batshit crazy" remark proves) Ed is simply incapable of admitting he's wrong - completely wrong - about anything. He and Roch and Sue and JR and the rest can spew all day long about "civil discourse". But I've experienced first hand what that really means.

    And I/my blog are living, breathing, speaking evidence makes a lie out of the "citizen journalism" & "we're for truth/justice/the American way" drivel these blogger kings and queens pump out.