Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Cone Project for 3-2-08

Part 1:

Cone has a post up on an agenda item from Blue NC, about those horrible, miscreant "mercenaries" at Blackwater, and their role in that evil, empire-building Illegal War in Iraq, started by BushCo, so his cronies could profit.

Apparently, these people at Blue NC think they can demagogue this issue into some kind of a political advantage.

Look at the garbage posted at Cone's by "James":

"Businesses that engage in "wrong" deserve to be vilified, in my opinion, as part of the effort to change laws. I'm sure their are some decent people at Blackwater, but they are in a business that succeeds by perpetuating armed conflict."

And at the Blue NC site itself, we have this from "James":

"Walter Jones has been complicit in Black water's war profiteering. For all his so-called family values and God-fearing patriotism, Jones is apparently lost in the wilderness when it comes to understanding the realities of war."

Yeah, right.

Next , we are sure to hear the argument that funding and sanctioning Blackwater is the moral equivalency of funding a terrorist group.

To his credit, Obama is lot smarter than these would-be supporters of his. He understands the mission and the necessity for an outfit like Blackwater.

The Blackwater "issue" is just one more excuse for our Dem/Lefty/"Progressive" friends to get themselves all worked up into the orgiastic agenda frenzy that so often passes as "discussion of policy".

Part 2:

Here's Cone's contribution to the tired old bromide "America The Evil, for Invading Iraq" meme that's becoming so boring to read about.

Must have been a slow day on the "Defend Mitch/Robbie" team, along with the "Wray the Untrustworthy Liar/Racist" front, and the "We're All So Screwed Because It's Gonna Be a HUGE Recession so Vote for the Dems" meme.

As well we know, these are all favorite little themes our pal Ed likes to posture with.


  1. I've found that Cone & company are very selective in their condemnation of "businesses that do wrong".

  2. Oh, but he's "fair and balanced", Dr,. J.

    He's now posted about Zack Matheny, and his contributors.

    He must have read your comment.

    I'll check IP addresses of visitors to see.

  3. I posted this over at Cone's:

    "Blackwater is a security guard company, and engages in defensive actions, not offensive actions.
    Their role is akin to the role of security guards in the US versus the role of police officers in the US.
    No security employee in Iraq or Afghanistan, etc., qualifies as a "mercenary" under the Geneva Convention (12 August 1949) Part III, Art. 47.
    Security firms overseas are subject to State Dept. and DoD regulations far more restrictive than the military or civilian security guards in the US.
    This is just another rabbit for the anti-war/anti-Bush crowd to chase.
    Have at it, guys, you're fun to watch!"

  4. I posted this over at Cone which, no doubt, embarassed the folks who are rinning this so-called " watch"
    Clinton Campaign Chief Lobbied for Blackwater

    It was ignored. So what else is new ?

  5. By the way, for your info, the "James" referenced in my post is none other than "Anglico", one of the poisonous provocateurs of the Nutroot Kos wannabee Blue NC site.

  6. I have found that the one's who protest the most about Blackwater actually don't have a clue what Blackwater is or does other than what they have read on the farleftnoid websites and what the LSM has reported. None of them, for example knew that, as Fred posted, Clinton's people actually worked to help Blackwater become the security corporation that it is. But as Fred said that fact is ignored because it does not suit their talking heads agenda. Cone and his merry band of coneheads will continue to be selective since they have no real understanding anything other than what they feed each other from the bottom of the tank and we know what sinks to the bottom .

  7. "Cone and his merry band of coneheads will continue to be selective since they have no real understanding anything other than what they feed each other from the bottom of the tank and we know what sinks to the bottom."


    And now he's enlisted JR into joining him in his insidious nonsense about "banning", as discussed in the next thread up.