Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Hillary and Obama "transcend gender and race"?

Only if you're in denial.


"We keep hearing that Obama's candidacy isn't about race and Clinton's isn't about gender. But clearly this presidential campaign season is about both. It is also about age and religion, in the cases of McCain and Romney, respectively."

"Some may be able to justify all these biases as recompense for past inequalities, but we shouldn't be confused about why we vote a certain way.

Far from transcending race and gender, we have made them our political masters."

Also, I love this quote from Shelby Steele:

"There is this (white) need, this driving hunger, to somehow get this race thing resolved, to redeem the country, to get beyond it. ... That's (the) phenomenon...."

He neglected to include "Dem/Lefty/'Progressive'" before (white)......perhaps it's just a given, in light of certain political, social, and economic agendas that side of the equation is famous for promoting.

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