Monday, February 18, 2008

A fundamental tenet of Class Warfare, as practiced by those of a certain political persuasion

It's used here in the context of social security, but it also applies to such issues as "tax cuts for the rich", health care/health insurance, "recession" drumbeating, American combat statistics, "global warming", race, "constitutional" rights, "torture, "wiretapping".......the list is too long to fully enumerate.

"When you have a choice, always pick the scarier of two numbers, to incite the maximum possible resentment in the voters you are addressing."

As discussed

Other gems of truth:

1. To incite resentment about the regressive social security tax, be sure to talk about tax percentages, not tax dollars;


2. To incite resentment about income tax cuts, do the opposite: talk about tax dollars, not tax percentages.

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