Sunday, January 20, 2008

Watch for our state and local governments' new revenue raising policies in this area

With our economy being talked and manipulated into a recession, tax revenues are going to be falling, and it's going to hit us in areas where the state, counties, and cities will have to scramble to maintain their "business (spending) as usual" status quo.

Here's one place they will be sure to look, based on successful revenue raising programs in the past along these lines.


"Maryland officials clamor for expanded use of ticket cameras for speed enforcement. Wisconsin legislators introduce a bill to legalize red light ticket cameras. New Jersey Governor signs legislation allowing local governments to use cameras to catch “red light runners.” Florida Legislators hold “dog and pony show” where ticket camera companies extol the virtues of camera-based traffic law enforcement.

Is there a message here?

Yes there is, but it isn’t about highway safety.

The real message is that state and local units of government are becoming strapped for cash. Property values are going down and that means property tax revenue will go down unless less mill rates go up; a political misfire at best. Sales taxes are stagnating. And those states with income taxes are bracing for some real bad news.

Their solution; let’s get creative about bilking motorists....."

"Governments need/want more money and they don’t have the integrity, the courage, or frankly, the justification to raise it through honest legitimate taxation."

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