Monday, January 07, 2008

Remember a while back when I said the Dem nomination is Hillary's to lose

...and Obama's to win?

Well, she's holding up her part of the prophecy pretty well, according to Peter Wehner.

To sum up:

"On the eve of the New Hampshire vote and all it will mean, it’s worth recalling the words of the late, great Michael Kelly:

The lie at the heart of the vast and varied lie that is Bill Clinton’s defense is that lying is a victimless crime – and something that properly exists as a moral concern only between the liar and his maker and a few people immediately affected. But this is not so. Lying corrupts, and an absolute liar corrupts absolutely, and the corruption spread by the lies of the absolutely mendacious Clinton is becoming frightening to behold.

After she loses, Hillary Clinton will remain in the Senate, of course, and Bill Clinton will continue to make millions through his public speeches. They will not completely disappear from the national scene. But their days as a Democratic dynasty, and their center-stage role in American politics, are about to end."


  1. "Remember a while back when I said the Dem nomination is Hillary's to lose"

    No, I don't. Got a link?

  2. Also, notice the math lesson i provided one of the
    Edwards cheerleaders.