Thursday, January 24, 2008

Regarding our current economic hypochondria

.....that's been effecting us for months.

It's obviously been blown WAY out of proportion.


"The incessant, mind-numbing focus these days on the minute-by-minute ups and downs of the stock market - with numerous television, radio, and internet programs devoted to little else - is directly akin to the hypochondriac who constantly 'monitors' his head and chest and stomach for signs of impending sickness. It accomplishes little more than creating needless anxiety - anxiety which interferes with the more important business of getting on with life........

.....In a column he wrote in October 2006, George Will similarly warned against 'economic hypochondria.' He argued that this condition was 'a derangement associated with affluence' and 'a byproduct of the welfare state.' Together these have produced in Americans 'a low pain threshold . . . and a sense of being entitled to economic dynamism without the frictions and ‘creative destruction' that must accompany dynamism.'

Will also placed blame on the news media for its Dracula-like aversion to reporting sunny economic news. (This, of course, is a function of which party controls the White House. When a Democrat is president, the economic news suddenly appears quite rosy.) I agree with Will's analysis, but think that the real driving force behind the country's economic hypochondria are the tens of millions of Americans who now own stocks, and who consequently - and mistakenly - believe that the stock market is the be-all and end-all of economic life."

Well golly!

Do WE know anyone on the internet (nationally and ESPECIALLY locally) who suffers from "incessant, mind numbing focus" on the economy, which leads to the undermining of consumer confidence, and the denial of sub rosa machinations in the market?

Hmmmm, let me think......


  1. From hell's heart, you stab at him!

  2. "From hell's heart, you stab at him!"

    How would you know anything about being in "hell's heart"?

    Have you been there a few times yourself?

    Caused you to lose the courage to put an identity to your comment, didn't it?

  3. "... lose the courage to put an identity to your comment, didn't it?"

    Pot. Kettle. Bubba.

  4. "Pot. Kettle. Bubba."

    What a courageous thing for an anonymous clown to say!

  5. What's your name, Bubba?

  6. "What's your name, Bubba?"

    Ask Roch 101.

    Ask Joe Guarino.

    Ask Sam Spagnola.

    Ask Cara Michele.

    Ask Hoggard.

    Ask Ben Holder.

    Ask Joe Wilson.

    Ask Fred Gregory.

    Ask Sam Hieb.

    Ask JW.

    Ask Billy Jones.

    Ask Meblogin.

    Ask Jaycee.

    Ask Brenda Bowers.

    Ask Dr. Mary Johnson.

    Ask Jordan Green.

    Ask Margaret Banks.

    Ask John Robinson.

    Ask Howard Coble.

    Ask David Wray.

    Ask Mitch Johnson.

    Ask Ed Cone.

    They all know my name.

    Why don't you?

  7. Bubba:

    You are definitely living in a glass house here, criticizing an anonymous poster when you do the same thing.

  8. "You are definitely living in a glass house here, criticizing an anonymous poster when you do the same thing."


    Consider this, Dave.

    All the people listed above, and more, know me by name and know I blog as "Bubba".

    My name has been published in the News and Record and directly linked to this blog.

    I have personal, media, academic, business, government, political, and other contacts on the regional and national level who know me and read my blog.

    "Bubba" is a name of endearment my family and friends use for me.

    I have used the pen name "Bubba Near" to publish news and feature articles, opinion pieces, editorials for more than 30 years.

    Here's how Merriam-Webster's dictionary defines anonymous:

    Main Entry:


    Late Latin anonymus, from Greek an┼Źnymos, from a- + onyma name — more at name

    1 : not named or identified (an anonymous author) (they wish to remain anonymous)

    2 : of unknown authorship or origin (an anonymous tip)

    3 : lacking individuality, distinction, or recognizability

    I am hardly "anonymous" by any stretch of the imagination, including the above definition.