Wednesday, January 30, 2008

On Paul Krugman's (and others of the "Doom and Gloom" brigade) continuing decent into total irrelevance

Appropriate comments by Paul Greenberg:

"This does not mean that Professor Krugman's lamentations are without their uses. While not printing them all, we do save the most depressing for those times when the economy seems to need a real boost.

What with all the talk of recession in the air, the stock market skidding, the Fed cutting its interest rate like mad, the president and Congress hurrying to do something even if it's wrong, the time had come to roll out the ultimate weapon: a Paul Krugman column. Maybe two in succession. Desperate times required desperate measures."

If we substituted "Ed Cone" for "Professor (or Paul) Krugman", we could be talking about local prognostications too, couldn't we?

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