Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"Green" cars: Not exactly a smash on the auto show circuit

Lookers at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, the largest of its kind domestically, weren't exactly overwhelmed at the environmental and fuel efficient wonders that were on display.


"The product disconnect is yet another indicator of how out-of-touch America’s elites are with the common folk. Further, it’s more evidence that green priorities are well down the list for buyers when it comes to choosing a vehicle.

And that is why Washington has had to force feed a 35 mpg mandate on auto manufacturers. The media keeps telling us the mandate was in response to 'public pressure.' The public’s auto awards bespeak a different reality."

On the other hand, how many people in Washington and in the ranks of the Lame Streamer Media actually pay attention to what the public has to say and want when it comes to these type of things?

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  1. Have you read about the $2500.00 car being produced in India? If it is any good at all this will certainly spell doom for Detroit and Japan. BB